Ticketed Sleigh Rides: FVDA Event TR Ashworth


November 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:55 pm
$3 per ticket- 2 & under ride free
Rachel Cornett

Fuquay-Varina Downtown will host a TICKETED Sleigh Ride on Thursday, November 30, 2017 from 6:00 – 7:55 pm during the Town Christmas Tree Lighting. The sleigh ride will be located at TR Ashworth’s  (120 S. Main Street) in the historic Fuquay District.

How Do I Get A Ticket?

Each year the non-profit, FV Downtown volunteers to offer a sleigh ride during the town’s Christmas Tree lighting.  The sleigh ride has grown in popularity each year.   The sleighs can ride 700 riders.  We are proud that we can take a small portion of the evening and offer this to the community.

In order to reduce the disappointment to families who wait in line to then find out the horses have made their maximum loops and cannot physically take another load in 2016 we will go to a TICKETED event.   Tickets will be secured BEFORE the night of the event.

Tickets will be dispersed in this order:

  1. We will begin with 700 tickets.
  2. Sponsors and Friends of Downtown, will receive fast pass tickets based on the level of their giving.  (See below how to become a sponsor or friend of downtown)  Kids under 2 ride free but MUST sit on a lap.
  3. Beginning at 6:30pm on the Wednesday night prior to the  Thursday night sleigh ride the remaining tickets may be purchased by the general public.  Each person can purchase up to 4 tickets at $3.00 a ticket.   Ticket sells will be located at the FV Downtown office ~ 108 Raleigh Street.  Kids under 2 ride free but MUST sit on a lap.

The Night Of The Sleigh Ride

  • ONLY people who have a TICKET can line up.  Tickets will NOT be available the night of the event.
  • Ticket holders are STILL encouraged to bring canned food items/money to donate prior to entering the sleigh. Donations go to the FV Emergency Food Pantry.
  • Line setup begins at 5:30.
  • The line for TICKET HOLDERS will begin at TR Ashworth and will extend down the sidewalks on Main and Depot Street.
  • Fast Pass TICKET HOLDERS will line up at the “Fast Pass Sign”. Your ticket will be clearly marked with “Fast Pass”.
  • The LAST RIDE of the evening will be at 7:55 pm.

Fast Pass Tickets:  SO what is it?

Our organization is a non-profit. We do lots of free events for the community. The only way we are able to offer events to the community is with the generosity of our sponsors. The town of FV does not fund any of our events.

Many of these business owners are small business owners who probably don’t have the money for sponsorships but want to do this for the community.We also have people/families who donate by becoming a “Friend of Downtown” so that we can pay for all the things the citizens enjoy in downtown. In all things, a “thank you” is given when people give of their resources.

Want to become a “Sponsor of Downtown”?

Click HERE!

Want to become a “Friend of Downtown”?

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To Volunteer:  Link Coming Soon